Research Project: Current Events/Trends/Issues in Computing

Research the current state and/or societal implications of a current trend in computing such as (but not limited to):

Report your findings in the form of an essay (1000+ words, double-spaced), or magazine (~10 pages)

Possible outcomes include:
CS20-SD1: Develop a coding project and/or research a topic related to computer science of the student's choice.
CS20-CS1: Explore the underlying technology of computing devices and the internet, and their impacts on society.
CS20-CS2: Investigate the impacts of information technologies on privacy, including digital security practices.
CS20-CE1: Explore computer science-related career paths in Saskatchewan, Canada and the world.

Assignment Requirements

Choosing a Research Topic (3 marks)

Research Paper Background Research (6 marks)

Research Paper Outline

How to Format Your Research Paper
Example Formatting

Final Submission (19 marks)