Assignment: Equations in Functions

Outcomes include:
CS20-FP1 Utilize different data types, including integer, floating point, Boolean and string, to solve programming problems
(g) Write expressions using math operators (e.g., addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), integer division (//) and modulo division (%))
(i) Perform data type conversions (e.g., string to integer, floating point to integer and integer to Boolean).

CS20-FP3 Construct and utilize functions to create reusable pieces of code.

CS20-CP2 Use common coding techniques to enhance code elegance and troubleshoot errors throughout Computer Science 20.
(a) Discuss and implement appropriate coding style (e.g., indentation and comments) and naming conventions for the programming language used in Computer Science 20.
(d) Create internal documentation (e.g., inline comments and header comments) for a program.

Choose a mathematical formula and create a function to calculate values using the equation. The equation and function(s) must use meaningful variable names. The function must accept parameters and the results must be printed out in the console.

Assignment Rubric